Our Craft:

Rustik Brü Brewing Company embraces simplicity. We craft our beer by hand in small batches to maintain quality.



About Us:

Rustik Brü Brewing Company is a 10 bbl distribution brewery located in the rolling hills of Morgantown, WV


Our Mission:

To be a sustainable company that brews simple yet enjoyable beers while sharing our knowledge of the brewing industry


The long day is coming to an end. The crops are doing well for mid-season. The animals have been fed and are now in their respective stalls within the barn. It’s almost dinner time and the old farmer is heading back to the house to cap the day off with his loving family


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"Our thoughts on brewing craft beer, recipe formulation, and the brewing business"


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"Thanks to Rustik Brü and Black Forge Ale, I can kick back, relax and forget about it !"


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